Wishing Everyone a Happy 2012

With the advent of the currency crisis couples and families alike a having to get much more creative about debt management.

With the onset of the Euro crisis and the Global Market turbulence in general people are having to devise new ways to save costs. Mediation is the most cost-effective means of dealing with dispute. The cost of conflict in organisations is a major unaccounted for cost on the company balance sheet. The same applies to families. Conflict invariably causes further costs for families in the same way that conflict burdens businesses.

Mediation is cost effective in several ways;

Time Efficient – No delay in going to mediation
Promotes better communication structures
Encourages open dialogue
Provides bespoke solutions to the parties in dispute

2012 will hopefully see the introduction of the Mediation and Conciliation Act which will give further impetus to the introduction of mediation into our courts system.