The pitfalls associated with going to court

Going to court is not an easy process. It can take its toll on separating couples and their children both emotionally, psychologically and financially. Whilst the majority of cases do settle outside of court the implications arising from the acrimony surrounding the court case can leave families damaged for years if not decades. In situations where parents are not fully in control of their settlement, separating couples are left with the impression that any deal reached was outside of their control. Oftentimes, this can leave couples feeling cheated or hard done by.

Private client family mediation services allow parties to reach their own agreement without the cost and difficulties associated with protracted court proceedings. Mediation can act as a cheaper prelude to a diy divorce. Furthermore, this will allow the family to move on after the separation and provide a better environment for the children of the parties. Family mediation gives separating couples the opportunity to foster goodwill towards each other and sets the foundation for a better future for their children.

As soon as mediation is completed the mediator will provide the parties with the option of taking their mediated agreement to their respective solicitors to have same legally reviewed and incorporated into a legally binding document. Many separating couples have asked the question as to why they should not go directly to the respective solicitors and have them negotiate the deal between their respective offices?

Negotiations can sometimes descend into cattle trading where the emotional needs and viewpoint of the parties are not correctly incorporated into a more holistic process such as mediation. By involving a mediator the parties are removing the risk of important key messages being lost in translation. Separating couple take a direct role in dictating their own future without placing same exclusively into the hands of their legal advisers.