Family Mediation Ireland

Family Mediation Ireland is a private client mediation service. We are focused on providing clients with a cost-effective alternative to protracted and costly family law litigation. The service operates primarily in the western and mid-western counties of Sligo, Mayo, Galway and Clare. Appointments with our mediators can be arranged nationwide. Both public and private client family mediation services have evolved substantially over the last ten years with the advent of divorce in Ireland.

Family Mediation Ireland is run by Mediators who are substantially experienced in the area of family mediation.

If you are involved in a family dispute with a spouse, family member or former partner covering any of the following issues, why not go to Mediation as a cost-effective alternative to court;-

  • Judicial Separation.
  • Separation Agreements.
  • The division of matrimonial assets.
  • Maintenance/Child support.
  • Access and living arrangements for children.
  • Travel arrangements and passport arrangements for children.
  • Guardianship/Custody.
  • Schooling Issues.
  • Holiday arrangements.
  • Disputes involving grandparents, aunts, uncles.
  • Inter-sibling disputes.

Other types of dispute outside of family mediation can be dealt with to include neighbour disputes, property disputes, financial disputes, landlord-tenant disputes and employment disputes.

If you are worried about entering into protracted and costly family law litigation in the courts, why not try mediation as an alternative? With the end of a relationship or a marriage, mediation can offer both parties new opportunities.

In respect of divorce and judicial separation in Ireland, the legislature has granted jurisdiction to the Courts to deal with applications in these areas. The only bodies entitled under the law to grant a judicial separation or a divorce are the courts of appropriate jurisdiction. Outside of the litigation system, the courts encourage parties to attend family mediation as an alternative means of dispute resolution.