Our People

Dispute Resolution Professionals

All our mediators are experienced dispute resolution professionals who are trained and professionally accredited. They have successfully mediated numerous cases helping many couples and their families find solutions to their problems. They are trained to work with both couples / families using various tried and tested methods to assist people who wish to resolve the situation that they find themselves in and move on with their lives.

Their Skills

Managing emotions – They are skilled in managing emotive topics and maintain a calm and business like approach.

Problem solving -They assist clients in focusing on problem solving the issues they are facing as oppossed to mud slinging or point scoring, which can happen when people feel threatened or under pressure.

Results focused – Through experience they are aware of the issues that can arise when couples are separating and are skilled in guiding people through the mediation process in an effective way, ensuring that both parties have the opportunity to  discuss all the areas that they need to address when they are separating or divorcing.

At the end of the process,  our mediators produce high quality, detailed written agreements and financial statements for clients that can be used as the basis for a legal agreement. This saves clients time and money as it reduces the need for  to-ing and fro-ing  between their respective legal advisers regarding detailed matters such as access agreements, maintenance and division of assets .