What is the process about?

Mediation is a future focused discussion between two parties assisted by trained Mediators aiming for a ‘win/win’ resolution.

It is a voluntary process– both parties have to agree to take part no-one is forcing them.

Neutral / Non Judgmental – the Mediator will not take sides or show bias towards either party.

It’s a confidential process – any notes taken by the mediators are destroyed at the end of the process. Mediators will not appear in any court hearings on behalf of either party.

It is not

Advisory – we will not advise people what they should do – there will be times when we will ask clients to seek legal / financial advice on topics that arise.
A soft option – it can be really hard work, facing difficult issues and finding a workable solution.

What Clients Can Expect

A controlled, welcoming, business-like environment.

Guidance through the process, which enables them to focus on the issues and explore possible solutions through to reaching an agreement.

How Does It Work?

There are a number of stages in the process;

Initial Meeting

1. Introduction – The mediators will meet with you both for the first time and explain the process to you both and answer any questions you may have.

2. You are seen individually so that we can explore issues with each of you to gain a full understanding of your situation. This is confidential and you can share whatever you wish with us in private.

3. We all meet up and you both outline the situation and the issues you wish to address during the mediation process and we draw up an agenda for future session(s).

Follow on Sessions

Mediation sessions are arranged as necessary until all the issues on your agenda have been discussed and you have agreed the way forward.

Written Agreement

Finally we produce a written agreement., which is simply a record of what both parties have discussed and jointly signed up to be bound by. It can also be used by your legal representatives as the basis of a