What is Mediation?

Many people ask us what is mediation? Some people believe the process is something like meditation.

Other people believe that mediation is a form of marriage or relationship counselling. This is not the case.

Mediation is a voluntary,  impartial and confidential process where people in a dispute with each other , focus on finding solutions that they can both agree on, resolving the issues they are  facing, with the help  of independent facilitators known as mediators.

Mediators are not there to judge, offer legal advice or make decisions or offer solutions in relation to what they think you should do. They remain totally impartial  and will not take sides. Sometimes they may play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ and ask tough questions  simply to clarify a particular point.

Mediation is a future focused discussion between two parties assisted by trained Mediators aiming for a ‘win/win’ resolution.

It is a voluntary process- both parties have to agree to take part no-one is forcing them.

Neutral / Non Judgmental – the Mediator will not take sides or show bias towards either party.

It’s a confidential process – any notes taken by the mediators are destroyed at the end of the process. Mediators will not appear in any court hearings on behalf of either party.

It is not – Advisory – we will not advise people what they should do – there will be times when we will ask clients to seek legal / financial advice on topics that arise.

A soft option – it can be really hard work at times, facing difficult issues and finding a workable solution.

What Clients Can Expect

A controlled, welcoming, business-like environment.

Guidance through the process, which enables them to focus on the issues and explore possible solutions through to reaching an agreement