SKIP THE QUEUE: Private client mediation is fast. There are little or no waiting lists nationwide. The process generally concludes in a short time period…

FINDING SOLUTIONS: Mediation is a flexible process offering families tailored results. For that reason mediated agreements are more robust and last longer…

IMPARTIALITY: Mediators do not take sides with either party and help parties focus on the future rather than the past This helps people in moving on with their lives…

Family Mediation Ireland is one of the leading private client family mediation clinics in the country. The service operates throughout the 26 counties. All initial consultations are conducted with each party on their own in private, before couples in dispute are brought together with the mediators to discuss their differences and plan solutions. Couples can opt for one mediator or two mediators if they choose. Family Mediation Ireland specializes in comediation where one male and one female comediator work with the couple in dispute. Our Video

• Planning your Divorce
• Planning your Separation
• Sibling Disputes / Disputes with Children
• Inheritance Disputes
• Childcare Arrangements
• Financial Provisions
• Elder Disputes
• Division of Property / Pensions

What Our Clients Say:
“We were very reluctant entering mediation. We had not spoken for nearly six months beforehand and had been arguing for ages before that. The mediators were very helpful and very tuned in to what we could not agree on. In three sessions we managed to sort out the family home, the childcare arrangements and our finances. If we had fought it out in the courts it would have cost us a fortune. I would recommend Family Mediation Ireland to anyone going through a separation