The Role Of The Mediator

You may be wondering what the Mediators will actually do during the sessions?

Our mediators are trained and highly experienced to be able to assist you to find the best possible outcome that is acceptable to you both. To do this they will use a number of tried and tested methods they will;

  • Ask lots of questions and sometimes to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’.
  • Encourage discussion regarding the options that are identified as potential solutions.
  • Challenge the reality of proposed solutions.
  • During the sessions, you may hear the mediators ask

Ok so how will that work out in reality

Can I just check – have you thought about how you will manage to collect the baby when you are at work at 6am?.

If you do give the house to x and the children, how will you afford somewhere else; where will you live? Take out or keep in ?

Encourage the parties to work through each of the issues they have identified as being important to reach a solution that is practical and agreeable to both sides.

Challenge the clients where necessary when they can only see their own perspective.

Encourage even the smallest agreements and build on the positives especially when parties get stuck or feel they can’t see a way out.

Manage emotional times We encourage ‘time- out’ if things get heated.

Your Role in the Mediation

Once you have decided that you want to use mediation to resolve your issues you may wonder what you will be required to do.

You may feel anxious about facing the other party, or that you won’t be able to communicate the things that are important to you.

Most people are unsure of how if will all work out at the start of the process. Don’t worry you are in safe hands.

We will work hard to ensure that any concerns you may have are addressed and that the sessions remain focused and you both have an equal voice.

All you have to do is;

  • Come to the sessions prepared to participate.
  • Be willing to discuss the issues in an open and honest way.
  • Agree to listen carefully and really consider what is being said before rushing to respond.
  • Be respectful and behave in a non-aggressive manner towards the other party and Mediators