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Family Mediation Ireland is one of the leading private client family mediation clinics in the country. We have our office HQ in Limerick and a further office base in Dublin. We are able to provide mediators in many other parts of Ireland.

All initial consultations are conducted with each party on their own in private, before couples in dispute are brought together with the mediators to discuss their differences and plan solutions. Couples can opt for one mediatbusiness customer support operatoror or two mediators if they choose. Family Mediation Ireland specialize in comediation where one male and one female comediator work with the couple or family in dispute.

Our Address

Postal Address:  3rd Floor,
                             Bank House,
                            106-108 O’Connell Street,


Dublin: (01) 5242217

Limerick: (061) 293561



Family Mediation Ireland ® is a private client family mediation service.

At Family Mediation Ireland our objective is to find a resolution for parties in dispute at the most efficient cost with the least amount of acrimony for the family involved.

Family Mediation Ireland has developed a niche practice in the area of private client family mediation services. Mediations take place at venues in most major towns nationwide.