About Us

Making the right decisions can be hard without help.

Family Mediation Associates is a panel of private client family mediators who provide a nationwide service both here and also in Ireland. The private client service was set up to help separating couples going through a divorce/separation in planning their future.

Our mediators are experienced dispute resolution professionals and have successfully helped many couples and their families find solutions to their problems.

The end of a relationship can be as stressful as a bereavement in the family. Clients have told us that after mediation they feel more secure and in control as they have put plans in place for the future.

Mediation helps them to achieve closure through reaching agreement on key issues. clients have also told us that mediation has enabled them to move on with their lives.

It can be very hard to step back from heightened emotions when you find yourself facing the end of a relationship. This is where trained mediators can assist couples in finding the middle ground.



When relationships break down there are still matters to be dealt with:

  • “When will I see the children?”
  • “How and what will we tell them?”
  • “Will you be honest and declare all your finances?”
  • “Are we going to sell the house?”
  • “How will we communicate, if at all, in the future?”
  • “How are we going to deal with family events such as Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings?”
  • “What if we have new partners in the future?”

Mediation assists couples in dealing with issues they are facing such as:

  • Child Custody/Access
  • Child Support/Maintenance
  • Parent/Child Disputes
  • Division of Assets

The service also assists families who are looking to find resolution in areas including:

  • Sibling Disputes
  • Inheritance Disputes
  • Neighbour/Boundary Disputes