Family Mediation Ireland is a private client family mediation service that operates nationwide.

It is operated by experienced mediators who are fully accredited by the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland.

FMI have spoken at major mediation conferences and have addressed Government Committees on draft Mediation legislation.

FMI also participates in the CPD training of Mediators / Solicitors in both Ireland and the United Kindgom.

Mediators who work with FMI are also involved in non-for-profit mediation works and training.

Our main office is based in Limerick and we also have a base in Dublin. We operate through a cross referral of cases through co-mediation teams based in other parts of Ireland.

We consult with you in choosing an appropriate venue to conduct your mediation.

If you want to move away from where you live to conduct your mediation in privacy we are delighted to facilitate same.

The vast majority of meditations which are held outside our main offices are conducted in business centres and hotels so as to preserve client privacy.

At Family Mediation Ireland (FMI) we help families and separating couples, deal with and resolve disputes. We are not a counselling service however we can help families and couples, deal with issues such as communication, finance, boundaries and childcare issues in the context of a separation.


We also deal with workplace and commercial disputes. Our team are trained in all aspects of mediation.

We use a system called co-mediation which uses one male mediator and one female mediator with each couple or family going through a dispute, Divorce or Separation. FMI train co-mediators.

At FMI we help couples conclude amicable non-binding agreements which can be taken to solicitors and made legal where necessary. Mediation is private and whereby everything is completed behind closed doors.


Our waiting list for new cases is seven to ten days nationally. Our main office is based in Limerick and we also have a base in Dublin.


We can arrange for meditations to take place elsewhere in Ireland.

For further information on mediation please feel free to drop us an email to our address above or drop us a call.